Spots Filling Up for Costa Rica Yoga and Exploration Retreat

Spots Filling Up for Costa Rica Yoga and Exploration Retreat

Every now and then, we need to take time to slow down, take a deep breath and ask ourselves how we’re doing. Life throws a lot at us, which is why it’s so important to always be mindful of the current state of our minds and bodies and, when the time comes, invest in cleansing them.


Are you ready to go all-in on rejuvenating yourself? 

Look no further than Wild Flier’s week-long Costa Rica Retreat!


This one-week retreat in picturesque Costa Rica combines health-promoting yoga with an immersive experience taking in the natural beauty of the country in all its glory. Any given day will take you from meditation and yoga in the mornings to exploring everything the area has to offer – from taking in the awe-inspiring mountains to basking in the captivating waterfalls to hiking through the lush jungles to diving headfirst into the sun-drenched oceans. 

Other activities will include visiting a tree farm where we will sponsor and plant our own trees to contribute to the landscape’s future beauty and longevity, followed by swimming in the river until it’s time to return home. There will be plenty of opportunities for free time where you will have the choice between a variety of opportunities, including:

  • Ziplining through tropical jungles
  • Kayaking along the sunny waters
  • Surf lessons by the scenic beaches
  • Eco-tours through all of the gorgeous landscapes
  • Four-wheeling across sweeping vistas
  • Rafting in the reflective rivers
  • Shopping amongst the colorful vendors
  • Dining with mouthwatering local cuisine
  • And so much more!  

As for accommodations, all rooms feature a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean from a private balcony. The gorgeous property features an on-site restaurant with delicious and locally sourced fresh food. Everything you need for a truly enriching Costa Rican experience is at your fingertips: hike to beach caves from trails that begin right outside your room, view the famous Whale’s Tail from your balcony and so much more, with all tours being easily arrangeable upon arrival.


The 2021 trip itinerary is viewable HERE and the 2022 retreat includes:


  • Airport transfer to/from
  • Daily breakfast of healthy and energizing foods for full days of exploration
  • Daily yoga in a beautiful and private yoga shala overlooking the sun-soaked majesty of the Pacific Ocean
  • Hiking trails through the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica
  • Pool perfect for relaxing by during any periods of downtime
  • Tour of the Playa Arco caves and their captivating beauty situated by a secluded beach
  • Tour of the breathtaking waterfalls and their basins perfect for cooling off
  • And so much more!

The same retreat last year resulted in life-changing experiences for those who came, allowing them to discover themselves and approach life with a fresh set of eyes and renewed energy. Just listen to what Brittany, Katie, Erin and Darlene have to say about their trip!

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