Don’t Miss This Destin Beach and Yoga Day – A Mini-Retreat for the Mind, Body and Soul: July 31st!

Don’t Miss This Destin Beach and Yoga Day – A Mini-Retreat for the Mind, Body and Soul: July 31st!

In our daily lives, we deal with so much hustle and bustle just to get our regular affairs sorted. Family, work, school and more are all important facets of our lives, but sometimes you just need to get away from it all.

That’s where Wild Flier’s Yoga & Beach Day Mini-Retreat in Destin, Florida comes in!

Engage in a cleansing personal realignment with centering yoga practice, some time at the beach and good nourishing food to reset your system, refresh your energy and re-enter your life with a greater sense of wellness.

Amanda Mavar-Schmidt, owner and founder, has always had a passion for two things: art and living on the water. With her art, she was able to move to Florida and become a teacher and dedicate her life to helping others express themselves through their creativity. It was here that she also learned the importance of community, a strong work ethic and the benefits of collaborating with a group of others. It is this same ethos that she brings as the instructor of Wild Flier’s Yoga & Beach Day Mini-Retreat: bringing together groups of people to find themselves and inner wellness through the creative expression of yoga and art.

The same applies for Amanda’s love of living on the water. The Destin Mini-Retreat takes place on the beach right by the water to encourage participants to allow the sounds and feelings of the calming waves ease over them as they do yoga. This provides a meditative experience that offers a true inner refreshment of the mind and body.

The day will begin with yoga practice – no prior experience necessary – followed by a light snack and a relaxing walk to the jetties. Let the calming ocean breeze wash away everything that’s been weighing you down as you focus on wellness and well-being.

In the afternoon, Amanda will teach an art workshop designed to allow participants to let loose their creativity. The type of art made varies for each trip, but rest assured the course is for any level of artistic skill and designed more to create something artistically liberating to you personally.

Later, we’ll learn about and engage in the clearing away of old ideas and beliefs through the ancient healing practices of yoga, where participants will be challenged to take an honest look at what in their lives can be let go and where they can grow against the backdrop of the soothing waves of the ocean illuminated by the stunning sunset and calming candlelight.

The sample schedule includes:

  • 8:00 AM – Arrive and get settled in at the lovely beachside resort
  • 8:30 AM – Yoga by the resort: we’ll start off in the sun and shade on the grass before conducting later yoga on the beach
  • Light refreshments including delicious fruit and other healthy snacks
  • Until 12:00 PM – Having some fun in the water with paddleboarding, hanging out on the beach and lounging by the pool
  • Lunch with energizing options such as protein wraps
  • Afternoon art workshop taught by Amanda herself
  • Yoga on the beach with the gorgeous sights and sounds of the ocean
  • Wrap by 4:00 PM – rest of the day open to soak in Destin however you please

Learn more and sign up to purchase a spot by going to our Destin Trip information page, emailing or calling (850) 687-3023!

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