Wild Flier Yoga Videos Provide Training On-Demand – Work Out Any Time!

Wild Flier Yoga Videos Provide Training On-Demand – Work Out Any Time!

It’s always good to promote personal wellness in our lives, and yoga is an enjoyably effective way to do that.

Whether it’s trying to lose weight or just improve one’s mental and emotional health, incorporating yoga into your lifestyle is a gateway to just feeling better. However, the question remains: where do you begin?

That’s where we come in!

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We help dispel the mysteries surrounding yoga by making it easy to understand, easy to practice and above all else easy to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a first-timer, our yoga videos are simple to follow and conduct at home. Wild Flier founder and owner Amanda Mavar-Schmidt is determined to not only show you how to practice yoga in order to improve your physical health, but she is also passionate about incorporating mindfulness and other self-help techniques to better your mental and emotional health as well: creating an entirely holistic personal wellness experience.

These videos are always on our YouTube page – there to watch, rewatch, rewind and pause to both learn and perfect your techniques – and new ones are constantly being added, so if you subscribe and turn on the notification bell, then you’ll never miss an upload! 

Here are a few sample videos, with many more on our YouTube page!

“Grounding Flow: Rooting to Bloom” is all about the yoga practice of “grounding,” which involves establishing a connection between yourself and the earth. This will help you stay grounded not only in your yoga by enforcing a firm base for executing proper techniques, but also serves as an excellent “mental grounding” by bringing you back down to earth and clearing your mind.

This video on “Inspired Action” involves performing a variety of poses leading up to a more flexible Wheel Pose, with this instruction going hand-in-hand with teachings on the idea of “Leila,” or life’s unexpected events. By learning about inspired action through yoga, participants will learn when to take action and when to let things flow, all through energizing poses.

Finally, this “Saturday Energetic Reset” is focused on restoring and reenergizing the body and mind through yoga practices specifically centered on breathing and meditation: increasing your strength and flexibility while simultaneously oxygenating your brain for a clear head. This will result in you feeling recharged and ready to face the upcoming week.

Amanda Mavar-Schmidt founded Wild Flier as a lifestyle brand with one goal: to help others fulfil their dreams of enhancing their mind, body and spirit. Our yoga instruction is a natural progression of this goal, working to form a community that is constantly supportive and promoting wellness in all forms.

This is why we wholeheartedly recommend joining our Facebook group, where you can not only be notified of and watch new yoga videos as Amanda makes them, but also interact with a multitude of other followers. Engage in discussions, share helpful tips and update others on your progress to reaching personal health goals through yoga. Our community is here to help encourage and inspire each other, and we’d love for you to join us!

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