Accessories Make the Outfit and the Person

Accessories Make the Outfit and the Person

How many times have you run out the door with no sunglasses or umbrella, or hat? Not only were you ill prepared for inclement weather, but you could have added that extra little flare to your outfit. Accessories make the outfit. Take any boring T-shirt and denim jeans, add a belt, a necklace, an elegant pair of earrings.. if one has long hair, she can wear it up... even a pair of high heels takes it up to another level. Depending of where your are going of course, you may be more in the flip flop mood... but either way... the accessories make the outfit. They take the t-shirt and denim and send it in the direction you are going. This goes for anything of course, not just denim and t-shirts. That was just one of many examples. Take a plain black bathing suit... and the possibilities are limitless. 

Accessories can be functional too. The hat, offering protection from the sun, the sweater or jacket, if it's chilly. And of course a good umbrella is usually forgotten about but this is an accessory of the most important function mainly. Wallets and pocketbooks, and purses hold our valuables. One cannot even leave the house without these so it important to choose a functional and fashionable choice in these items for they will be used and seen daily and must go with many things. 

Adorn yourself with jewelry. It makes you feel good, and adds that little flash that can twinkle in ones eye and maybe helps support whatever goals you are working on.

Choose wisely. One can go overboard with choosing too many accessories and then it becomes cluttered and it can ruin the look also. But chosen wisely, it can take a boring and plain look and turn it into a professional and polished ensemble.

Do not underestimate the importance of having a well rounded accessories arsenal so that you can have many choices when it comes to completing your look, and advancing in the fulfilment of your dreams.

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