Ghost Boards 40” Interstellar Planets Wheel Cut Longboard Complete

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40” Wheel Cut Interstellar Planets Deck 

Trucks: White 180mm 50 Degrees

Wheels: Blue LED 70mm

High performing board with an exceptionally smooth ride. Great all around size. Looks and feels like a long board. Buy if you want to carve and are good at riding. Good for any height or weight. A little experience helps with this board. 
Are They Slippery? Do I Need Grip Tape?

No. They are not slippery, and you do not need grip tape.

What Are They Made Of? 
High Quality Clear Blue Acrylic

Standard Thickness: .75” (up to 220lbs) 

Where Are They From? 
Ghost Boards are located and manufactured in Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Do They Break Easy? And What About Scratches 

No, they do not break easy. Ghost Boards are aware of 13 that have broke out of the 20,000+ sold, and has replaced 9 of them for free. Ghost Boards want everyone to enjoy them and have fun. Scratches: Like any board they can scratch, but with a little care your board will look great for years to come. 
Live Free. Ride a Ghosts

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