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This is a set of two 30 degree Aeon trucks. (and the premium hollow axle version)

The difference might seem obvious - yes this truck has a hollow axle. Makes the truck lighter with a bit of steez.

Whether you are starting out with your first set up, or looking for downhill trucks for another deck and don't want to buy precisions, these are your trucks.

You have so many options in how you set them up. 30 degree is a stable truck but you can flip your back truck to make it lower! Harder bushing option at the back, softer at the front. 

The Aeon has been designed to be the best affordable longboard truck on the market. Not only have they achieved that it is our favourite truck and the one we recommend the most.  

The first noticeable thing about the Aeon is the hexagonal shaped bushing. This is the genius behind the truck, and eliminates the need for an after market bushing. The biggest argument not to buy an Aeon truck is there are no Venom or Riptide bushings to upgrade the truck. That is the point! You don't need an aftermarket bushing upgrade. The bushing is playing a different role in the Aeon. It locks the baseplate to the hanger, allows the hanger to pivot perfectly and has a shape that allows stability with the deepest turn.

Other trucks use support pins (Ronin and Rogue) or stepped/plug bushing seat (Paris and Caliber) to remove slop or correct poor design which makes the truck unstable. Seismic have designed a hanger and bushing that works together so when the truck turns, it rotates inside the tubular channel in perfect alignment with the pivot axis. When you see the design, it makes sense. It also has no expensive parts, like a support pin, to wear out or break. With an Aeon, a bushing gets old, you replace it!

Squeaky truck?
Does your truck squeak. It is usually a dry bushing rubbing against metal. The Aeon bushing has a s
elf-lubricating formula to prevent squeaking.

Paris vs Caliber vs Aeon
The two most popular trucks in longboarding are Paris and Caliber. They both suit certain types of skating. Paris trucks are known for their carving and flow. The hanger has rake, this means the turn is gradual but has a point where it dives, this gives it a fun aspect and a surfy feel. The Caliber is built for downhill and freestyle. It is built tough, and has no rake in the hanger which means it has a consistent linear lean all the way. In downhill it creates a precision style feeling, you know where the truck is going to be no matter the speed or the corner. 

The Aeon is a combination of both. It takes the best aspects of Caliber and Paris and combines them in one truck. The design replicates that stable feeling of the Caliber. As soon as you step on your deck, you feel the bushing resistance immediately. There are no pockets of slop, or a point where the truck has a janky feel. Make that first carve and you will feel yourself smile. That is the rake in the hanger kicking in, same as the Paris truck. The bushings give way to a wonderful turn. Like that Paris surfy feel, you can carve easily and you can feel how the board comes alive. If the bushings are too soft or you are a heavy skater (100kg+), it can seem unstable the amount of turn you get. Solution is harder bushings.

The only way to describe the Aeon is a precision style truck. Super fun responsiveness of the Aera combined with the stability of a support pin style truck like the Ronin. 

Too much jargon?
Longboarders like to talk jargon and tech. If everything we have said above is too much, here is the summary: we love these trucks because they are the best truck for most skaters. They can be adapted to any skate style. Out of the box 45 degree truck front and back will push, carve, and slide without modifying it with expensive bushings. For downhill, LDP or a pump set up try the 45 degree front and 30 degree rear truck. This will give you drive and stability at the back while turn and direction from the front. Basically like a rear wheel drive car.          

Axle Height
Axle Height:
 60.4mm / 2.38 inches from baseplate bottom to axle midpoint (39.7mm / 1.56 inches when hanger is flipped)
Axle Offset (Rake): 9.0mm / 0.35 inches
Roll Center: 10.4mm / 0.41 inches above axle midpoint (same distance below axle midpoint when hanger is flipped)
More Axle Offset (or Rake) pushes the Roll Center higher (towards the deck), resulting in quicker lean response and better wheel traction.  Less Axle Offset (or Rake) leaves the Roll Center lower (near the axles), resulting in better lean control and stability.


  • Width (mm): 180
  • Baseplate Angle: 30°
  • Geometry: Reverse
  • Construction: Cast
  • Hole Pattern: 6-Hole
  • Color: Black/Gold
  • Bushing Shape::Durometer: Hexagonal (94a)
  • Rake: Yes (like the Paris V3)

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