Ballast Beach Pillow Cool Combo

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Color: Tropical

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Ice Pack Included 

Stay cool on hot days, or warm on cool nights, with our cooling and heating gel pack that is tailor-made to fit inside the Ballast pillow. This is the future we always wanted—a beach pillow with climate control.



Place the gel pack on ice until is nice and cold. Keep one ready to swap out to stay cool all day.


Slide it into its designated Ballast pillow sleeve, which shields your skin from direct contact with the cold pack


The pack contours with the bottom of the pillow to go along the base of your neck, which provides maximum cooling relief


The Ballast Pillow stays put on windy beaches, so you can stay comfortable and relaxed. It’s also the perfect pillow for camping, lounging poolside, resting between festival sets, or traveling the world.

Built For The Beach


The beach is among the most comfortable and relaxing places on earth, but it’s even better with a pillow. Ballast is the only pillow designed to weather the saltwater, sand, and coastal winds of our shorelines, allowing you to experience the best beach nap of your life. Ditch that rolled up towel or shirt, and treat your lovely head to the luxurious beach pillow it deserves.


Features Include

  • Stays put on windy days
  • Wicks water and sheds sand
  • Soft, padded top
  • Cooling gel pack sleeve
  • Cradles neck and head
  • Easy to inflate
  • Packs into its own pouch

Easy To Pack And Carry


When you’re done for the day, just empty out the pouch, and the pillow folds into its own compact carrying case, making it easy to store away for your next adventure.

Make Chairs More Comfy

Be sure to check your chair for compatibility with the Ballast Pillow.

Chairs must have an opening along the top, or sides, for the bands to slip through and attach to the pillow.

Make It Even Cooler

In addition to providing cooling airflow when lying on your stomach, the Ballast Pro can cool you down even more when combined with our custom-designed Cooling Gel Packs. Just slip a cooling pack into the pouch and pull it over the top of the pillow, and enjoy the best way to chill at the beach.

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