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Green Aventurine is all levelheaded cool positivity and lush leadership vibes. This stone is here to cheer you on to the finish line, clearing any obstacles away and keeping you connected to your goals. Stashing these tumbled Green Aventurine stones in your pocket is like carrying your own cheerleader along for the ride – its very presence just fills you with a can-do attitude. 

Not only can Aventurine raise your levels of luck by being ever tempting to opportunity, but it also brings abundance by encouraging you to open your heart and your mind to sunny new pastures. Place these tumbled glinting green gems on your heart space to open your heart chakra and welcome healing. 

Whether clinging to lost love, bound by past experiences, or struggling with any kind of attachment issues, tumbled Aventurine says it's time to clean house and to learn to let go. Opening your heart chakra helps you to love without fear and to turn that trust and affection back towards yourself too. When we are open-hearted and committed to our own source of wellbeing, there is nothing that can hold us back. The dose of dreamy confidence, the sweet heart healing, the pure positivity, and the bright balancing act of emotional wellbeing means that Green Aventurine gives you a sense of purpose.

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