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Cosmic C*nt Tarot by Samantha West 

(78 Cards and 112-Page Book)

The Cosmic C*nt Tarot is a tongue in cheek, fun, pocket-sized tarot deck designed for the alien-loving reader. Full of alien probes, ray guns, test tubes, and UFOs, this deck follows the traditional 78 card structure, with some small, mischievous changes. The suits have been swapped out to include ray guns, specimens, disks, and probes. In case it’s not abundantly obvious, this deck is not for the faint of heart. If you clutch your pearls at the site of aliens wielding phallic probes, this may not be the deck for you. However, if you possess a cosmic c*nt (one capable of abducting farmers from their land) and love all things ray gun and UFO, this deck will help you embrace your power in delve into your own psyche. 

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