Caliber II Fifty 10"/50" Blue Satin Trucks

Caliber II Fifty 10"/50" Blue Satin Trucks

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Satin Blue Beauties: Caliber II trucks strength has been greatly increased with a new in-house heat treatment which adds about 40% strength increase. Not to mention the thickness of the baseplate has been increased towards the kingpin, high-speed impact? Fear not!

The Caliber II Trucks are designed to push your riding to the next level. These 184mm, 50 degree trucks are designed to deliver the highest downhill/ freeride performance possible.


  • 184mm (10") Hanger
  • 50 degree Baseplate 
  • Blood orange bushings (89a)
  • Sold as a pair
  • Barrel-Cone combo
  • Grade 8 steel kingpin
  • Designed for stability 
  • Strong carves at high speeds